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General Dentistry: The Importance of Teeth Cleaning and Regular Dental Checkups
Taking care of your teeth is vital. Without proper care, you could suffer from toothaches, mouth infections, gum disease, and various other conditions. Even with good oral hygiene, you may experience various dental issues. Speak with Dr. Garret Uehara and Dr. Jill Uehara at the Uehara Family Cosmetic Dentistry in Honolulu.

Fortunately, a dentist can keep an eye out for potential problems during your regularly scheduled teeth cleanings and checkups. It’s best to visit your dentist at least twice a year. Depending on your condition and oral health, your dentist may recommend more frequent checkups. He or she may also provide advice for improving your oral health at home. Either way, when it comes to oral health, time is of the essence.

Oral Health Checkups Can Prevent Serious Dental Diseases and Conditions
Many dental issues are relatively easy to treat if caught early. Take periodontitis or gum disease. In the early stages, this condition is known as gingivitis. You may notice that your gums are bleeding while brushing your teeth if you're suffering from gingivitis. If treated early enough with thorough brushing, gingivitis will often clear up with no permanent damage and no need for invasive treatment.

However, if your gingivitis goes untreated and advances to a more severe case of periodontitis, you may suffer permanent gum loss. You may have to use gum grafting to replace the lost tissue. Further, you may also experience tooth loss and may end up needing dental implants and crowns, or a similar solution.

Time is essential for many other diseases and conditions as well. For example, if your oral hygienist notices excessive plaque on your teeth, removing it now and helping you prevent plaque and tartar buildups may prevent cavities and the often necessary drilling and filling that comes with them.

Regular Teeth Cleaning to Remove Plaque and Tartar
Tartar and plaque are also serious issues. Plaque is a soft, sticky film that forms on your teeth and under your gums. This plaque consists of millions of bacteria, which produce acids that can damage your teeth and cause cavities. With proper brushing, you can remove plaque.

If plaque is allowed to fester, however, it’ll form into hardened tartar. This tartar is extremely difficult to remove and is best left to a professional, such as a dentist or oral hygienist. Tartar may contribute to not just cavities, but also discoloration, gum disease, and other issues.

We’ve only covered a few reasons why general dentistry and regular oral health checkups are important. There are many other reasons to see your dentist as recommended. Get in touch with Dr. Garret Uehara and Dr. Jill Uehara at the Uehara Family Cosmetic Dentistry in Honolulu to discuss general dentistry by calling (808) 955-2505!

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